Conservation Law Enforcement

Recreating on the Eglin reservation is a PRIVILEGE extended to the public by the installation commander provided the recreational activities do not interfere with Eglin's military mission.  Individuals must realize that failure to follow the rules and regulation established for public use of the Eglin reservation is serious and has reaching impacts towards Eglin performing its military mission.   These violations are considered serious and can lead to the installation commander revoking the privileges for the public  to recreate on the Eglin reservation.

The 96th Security Forces Squadron and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) are the entities charged with enforcing the rules and regulations established by the State of Florida and the instillation commander.  These entities have the authority to issue citations to the individual(s) found violating the rules and regulations established for Eglin reservation.  

All persons hunting, fishing, or engaging in outdoor recreational activities on the Eglin reservation are required to comply with all applicable Eglin, state and federal laws, rules and regulations. The rules and regulations for the Eglin reservation are an appendix to AFI 32-7064 and are enforceable pursuant to 18 United States Code-Statute 1382, 10 United States Code-Statute 2671 (Florida Administrative Codes and Florida Statutes), 16 United States Code, and 50 Code Federal Regulation.   In addition to penalties that may be levied under applicable state and federal laws and regulations, the iInstallation commander has inherent administrative authority to revoke outdoor recreation privileges.