Conservation Law Enforcement Program


The rules and regulations contained in Eglin's Outdoor Recreation, Hunting, and Freshwater Fishing Regulations Handbook are Eglin AFB policy as established by the Installation Commander in accordance with AFMAN 32-7003 and are enforceable pursuant to 18 United States Code (USC)-Statute 1382, 10 USC-Statute 2671, 16 USC, 50 Code Federal Regulation (CFR), Florida Administraditve Code (FAC), and Florida Statutes (FS).   Violations of these regulations are very serious. In addition to penalties that may be levied under applicable state and federal laws and regulations, the Installation Commander has inherent administrative authority to suspend or revoke outdoor recreation privileges for any user.  Such suspension of outdoor recreation privileges is administered via Eglin's Notice of Violation and Administrative Action (NOVAA) policy, and is independent of any judicial or punitive actions levied by state or federal entities.  Suspension periods for all NOVAAs issued are subject to administrative review and suspension lengths may be increased for repeat offenders.  Only the NOVAA committee can reduce or rescind NOVAAs. Click the followiong link to view the NOVAA appeal process:  Suspension Appeal Process 

Upon request by Law Enforcement or Natural Resources personnel, any person on the Eglin reservation shall furnish such identification as requested.  They further will exhibit or make readily available to such person the required federal, state, or Eglin permit and/or license authorizing their presence or activity in the area, all guns and ammunition, and all fish and/or game taken.

*Suspensions associated with NOVAAs are independent of state or federal criminal charges, and therefore may remain in effect even if a federal or state criminal charge is dismissed.*

**Individuals whose recreational privileges have been suspended are not authorized to re-enter the Eglin reservation until after the suspension period has ended.**