Primitive Camping
All visitors,16 YOA or older, to the Eglin reservation must have an Eglin permit and photo ID.

Campers are reminded to check the Fire Danger Level
on the menu bar
 before starting a fire.

The Eglin Camping Permit must be purchased at the Eglin Natural Resources Office during regular business hours.  

Camping on the Eglin reservation is only allowed at designated campsites.  Camping on any other portion of the Eglin reservation is prohibited. Camping locations and regulations can be found in the Outdoor Recreation, Hunting and Freshwater Fishing Regulations publication. 

Florida National Scenic Trail -
The Eglin section of the FNST is extremely well-maintained by a group of dedicated volunteers. Day hikers (
users whose hike originates with-in 50 miles of the Eglin reservation boundary) are required to have Eglin permitting to hike and camp along the trail.  Thru-hikers (users whose hike originates 50 miles outside the Eglin reservation boundary need to contact Jackson Guard for special hiking and camping permits.

Campsite at Duck Pond

Information Updated 28 Jul 2022