Fishing on the Eglin Reservation

If you or 16 yoa and older and plan to fish, gig suckers, or gig frogs on the Eglin reservation you will need the appropriate State of Florida and Eglin license or permits.

Carefully review the Florida Fishing Regulations for state fishing regulations and license information relating to fishing.  Specific fishing regulations modified for the Eglin reservation are contained in the Outdoor Recreation, Hunting and Freshwater Fishing Regulations booklet. 

Eglin Lakes and Ponds

Name Acres
Anderson 3
Brandt Closed
College 28
Crain 3
Duck @ 30
Hurlburt Lake + ** 22
Indigo @ 6
Jacks + ** 21
Jr. Walton 4
Lower Memorial ** 40
Upper Memorial + ** 23
Speck 7
Roberts 8
Timberlake Closed
Weekly  + ** 6

+ Catch and release only.
** Restricted to DoD affiliated personnel and guests.

@ = Special Creel Limits Apply

Anderson Pond 

Weekly Pond on Eglin Main

Duck Pond