Eglin Management Units
All visitors,16 YOA or older, to the Eglin reservation must have an Eglin permit and photo ID.

The Eglin reservation has 14 hunting management units totaling 254,888 acres.  Among these units, you can find areas to recreate, hunt, and fish.  

The Eglin reservation map provided in the Outdoor Recreation, Hunting, and Freshwater Fishing Regulations and the online versions are intended as a general guide.  Boundaries are subject to change throughout the year and all boundaries and roads may not be depicted completely on the map.  Signs are posted to further identify all boundaries.  Due to the theft and vandalism of MU boundary signs, the boundary lines in the current Outdoor Recreation, Hunting, and Freshwater Fishing Regulation product will be regarded as accurate.

 In the event, a closed area boundary changes during the season it will be reflected on the PAM and a notice will be provided on iSportsman.

The alteration, defacing, moving, or tampering with official reservation signs is prohibited!

Information Updated 08 Jun 2022