All visitors to the Eglin reservation must have a permit and identification on their person at all times. 

Make sure to check the PAM before coming onto the Eglin reservation.

Do you like finding hidden things?  Exploring areas you've never been to following breadcrumb hints?  Have you tried geocaching?

Check this guide for more information about geocaching: Geocaching 101  

Have you found this one yet?  Hint  (Somewhere at Jackson Guard...)

Eglin prohibits any soil disturbance on the reservation, so all geocaches need to be above-ground.  Geocaching should have minimal impact to the environment and you should always be conscientious about land use ethics.  Pay special attention when searching to not come in contact with UXO.  Only search in OPEN Areas.  Access to Closed Areas is prohibited.  

Always let somebody know where you are going and when you plan to return.  Plan your trip well, know the route and road conditions.  Pack water and supplies that you may need: extra batteries for your GPS, cell phone, map, etc.