Game Check Stations

ATTENTION:  During established hunting seasons hunters in the Sikes, Jackson, and Brier Creek MUs MUST check out BEFORE the established reservation exit time.  Hunters not at the checkout stations by the established times are in violation of 10 USC 2671 FAC68A-15.063(16)(D)(9) and may be subject to a 1 month suspension plus and a $55.00 fine on the first offense, a 2 month suspension plus and a $55.00 fine on the 2nd offense and a 5 year suspension and the 3rd offense.

Game Check Station Hours of Operation:  The game check stations will open at Reservation entry times and close at reservation exit times for each season.  For the Fall and Spring Hog Dog Hunts the game check stations will open on Friday th day of the hunt at 12:00 p.m. and close Sunday at 12:00 p.m.

  Jackson Game Check Station

GPS Coordinates:  30038.349’N   86032.719’W

Brier Creek Game Check Station

GPS Coordinates:  30036.508'N   8612.254’W