​Timberlake Mountain Bike Trails​
All visitors,16 YOA or older, to the Eglin reservation must have an Eglin permit and photo ID.

A valid Eglin Recreation Permit is required to access the mountain bike trails.  

Situated in the southern portion of Eglin, just outside of Fort Walton Beach, Timberlake Recreation Area holds over 20 plus miles of single-track mountain bike trails. The varied terrain around Timberlake Pond lends itself well to a range of technical riding abilities. Trails at Timberlake are blazed green for a beginner (green reflectors on signs), yellow for intermediate (blue reflectors on signs), and red for advanced/expert.

Timberlake Mountain Bike Trails are not maintained by the Eglin Natural Resources Office but are instead managed by the mountain bike trail club.  Please direct comments/questions about maintenance to the club.

Trail sign for the Blueberry Hill trail at the Timberlake Mountain Bike Trails.  (Green reflectors indicate beginner trails.)

Trail sign where Snake Charmer Trail and Cramper Trail meet at the Timberlake Mountain Bike Trails. (Blue reflectors indicate intermediate trails.)

The Timberlake Trail System is divided by Lightwood Knot Creek with separate trailheads to access each side. Trailheads are located on Ranger Camp Road and RR 234, accessible from SR 189/Lewis Turner Blvd. Trails may also be accessed from the Timber Lake camping area (closed to camping until further notice). All trails at Timberlake Recreation Area are designated as multi-use trails, open to bicyclists and hikers/runners. Hikers and runners must give right-of-way to cyclists.

Timberlake Pond

Trail Difficulty Definitions

Beginner trails (green blazes) are ridable by novice riders, usually without dismounting. Obstacles have a ride around or bypass.

Intermediate trails (blue blazes) are longer, contain more obstacles, and may require the rider to dismount. Climbs are steeper, longer, and more strenuous for riders.

Advanced/Expert trails (red blazes) are the most difficult with steep climbs and drops, larger obstacles, tighter turns, and longer, more strenuous segments. Obstacles may not have a ride around or bypass.

Most trails at Timberlake are directional or one-way. One-way trails are designed to minimize erosion, prevent head-on collisions, and sustain technical features. Some trails are designated as two-way connectors that link parts of the trail system. Two-way trails are marked with blazes on both sides of trees.

***ALL RIDERS must wear properly fitting bicycle helmets when riding on Eglin***

Timberlake Trail Guidelines

See our Outdoor Recreation, Hunting, and Freshwater Fishing Regulations for more information.

Check our new Timberlake Mountain Bike Trails Map!  Click to view a larger map if you want to save/download the map.