All Eglin Recreational Permit holders are responsible for knowledge of and compliance with the Eglin reservation regulations
found in the Outdoor Recreation, Hunting, and Fresh Water Fishing Regulations Booklet under the Regulations Tab.

Who is required to have a permit?

  1. ALL visitors to the Eglin reservation 16 yoa and older are required to have a valid Eglin permit. 
  2. Visitors younger than 16 yoa are not required to have a permit but, must be with a valid permit holder while on the Eglin reservation. 

What else must I have while on the Eglin reservation?

  1. In addition to the prinited or electronic copy of your permt you are required to have a photo ID.

Are there any requirements for me to obtain a permit?

  1. All first time users will be required to watch a 7 minute safety video.
  2. All individuals applying for a free Santa Rosa Beach Pass will need to watch an additional 3.5 minute video on the beach ecosystem.


Types of Permits Offered

Forest Product Permits     Hunting Permits

    Outdoor Recreation / Fishing

All permit fees are non-refundable and non-transferable

Permit Help