Hunting Permits

All permit fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
The Natural Resources Office DOES NOT have the ability to refund mistakes made on credit card orders.

Each person seeking a permit MUST have a separate iSportsman Account.  Individuals cannot share an account to purchase permits.  All permits purchased from an account will have the account holders name populated on the requested permit.

Permits are valid for 365 days from time of issue, unless otherwise noted on the permit.  

Sportsman’s Permit                         $55.00  
Authorizes: Hunting, fishing, Trapping, and participation in general outdoor recreation activities plus access the Hurlburt Trap/Skeet and Paintball Complex.
Does NOT authorize: Eglin Public Beach access on Santa Rosa Island, 1st Phase of Dove Season, camping, participation in deer dog training, or to hunt deer with the aid of dogs.

Discount Options for the Sportsman's Permit:

  • Military Sportsman                      $ 20.00 (proof of service required)
  • Senior Citizens Sportsman         $ 10.00 (proof of age required)
  • Disabled Sportsman's                 $  1.00 (proof of disability required)
  • 7-Day Sportsman                         $ 25.00

Stamp options for the Sportsman's Permit:

  • Choctaw Deer Dog Stamp          $ 5.00
        required with a sportsman's permit when hunting deer & hogs with dogs in the Choctaw MU's
  • Sikes Deer Dog Stamp               $ 55.00
        required with a sportsman's permit when hunting deer & hogs with dogs in the Sikes MU
  • Furbearer Stamp                        $ 40.00 
        required with a sportsman permit to hunt furbearers

Youth Hunt Weekend Permit  *           $ 10.00
 Authorizes youth hunters (age 6-15) to participant in the Youth Hunt Weekend.  Proof of age required.

Daily Dove Permit  *                            $ 10.00
Only authorizes Dove Hunting no other recreational activity.  During General Gun and Small Game seasons that coniside with the state Dove Season a sportsman's permit allows dove hunting.

* Currently not available through iSportsman, please come to the Eglin Natural Resources Office  during business hours to obtain this permit.

If you have a question about a particular permit or the type of permit you need, PLEASE call Jackson Guards front desk before you make an online permit purchase.   

All Eglin Permit holders are responsible for:

  1. knowledge of and compliance with the Eglin reservation regulations found in the Outdoor Recreation, Hunting, and Fresh Water Fishing Regulations Booklet. 
  2. checking the PAM before entry onto the Eglin reservation.
  3. having a valid Eglin permit (printed or an electronically saved copy) and a photo ID in their possession while on the Eglin reservation.
  4. knowing your location at all times while on the Eglin reservation (under the Maps tab see the Reservation Map on Avenza, this provides you with a GPS based mobile phone app that will show your current location and update your location as it changes).

Who are required to have an Eglin permit?

  1. ALL visitors to the Eglin reservation 16 yoa and older are required to have a valid Eglin permit. 
  2. Visitors younger than 16 yoa are not required to have a permit but, must be with a valid permit holder while on the Eglin reservation. 

How do I get an Eglin permit?

  1. You must create an iSportsman account.  If you register for iSportsman at another base or WMA you don't need to re-register.  You can log in using the credentials from that account.
  2. After creating your account you will need to watch:
      A. the Range Safety video to secure any Eglin reservation permit.
    the Beach video to secure the Eglin Public Beach permit.
  3. Once the appropriate video has been watched, you will need to successfully pass a short three question quiz.
  4. After successful completion of the quiz you will be able to view and select the Eglin permit you need.