The NOVAA appeal process, as approved by the Installation Commander, ensures due process, and allows for supervisory level review from the Base Legal Office, 96 Security Force Squadron, and the Natural Resources Office. 

You have 30 days from the violation date on the citation to appeal your suspension.  The appeal is for your citation only, you may not submit an appeal on behalf of yourself and others.  Group appeals will not be considered.

Your appeal should include the following in your appeal:

  1. Your full printed name as it appears on the citation
  2. A return postal mailing address
  3. The citation # or a copy of the citation.
  4. A detailed explanation of why you feel the citation was issued in error and should be reduced or rescinded. 

Mail or hand-deliver, DO NOT E-MAIL or FAX, your appeal to: 

Eglin Natural Resources Office
c/o NOVAA Appeal Committee
107 Hwy 85 N 
Niceville, FL. 32578-1905

Your NOVAA suspension remains in effect during the appeal process.   

Information Updated 31 Aug 2021