Information Updated 06 Sep 2021

Youth Hunt Weekend
Cost: $10.00

Hunt Dates
08-09 Jan. 2022

Available 1 Sept 21

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The FWC allows each hunter to harvest a maximum of five deer annually across all seasons, of which only two may be antlerless. All deer harvested during this hunt (including antlerless) apply to a youth hunter’s statewide annual bag limit and must be reported to FWC’s Harvest Reporting System under the youth hunter’s name/account in accordance with FWC requirements.  When reporting antlerless harvest, youth hunters should include the number on the antlerless deer tag that was utilized.

*The FWC allows youth to harvest one antlered deer annually that does not meet the established Antler Point Restriction (APR) for that WMA or Management Unit.  This exemption may be utilized during this hunt if it has not already been utilized elsewhere prior to this hunt.

^Note that the Jackson and Brier Creek MU’s have a more conservative minimum APR of at least 4 points (≥ 1 inch in length) on one side OR the main beam length of 14 inches or more.