What’s New in FY23

A. Regulation Changes & New Opportunities.

1. NOTICE TO HUNTERS: Trespass of dogs into closed areas (temporary or permanent) is a violation of the “Hunter Responsibility Rule” (68A-12.007, F.A.C.) and will result in Eglin recreation permit suspension and State/Federal citation(s) for the dog owner(s). Entering a closed area to retrieve dogs is also prohibited.

2. Electric bicycles of all types and classifications are prohibited on all Eglin beaches, the Brier Creek MUs, and portions of MUs designated as “motorized vehicles prohibited”.  See Section 11 for more information.

3. The Sikes Unit will be open during portions of the Early Archery Season this year (see Section 18). A Sikes Deer Dog Stamp is required to hunt the Sikes MU during this season.

4. An additional 3-day special opportunity spring hog dog hunt has been established this year from 03 – 05 March 2023 (see Section 19).

5. To continue to provide quality outdoor recreation opportunities, effective 1 October 2022 the NRO will be increasing the annual Sportsman’s Permit from $55 to $75 and the annual Fishing/Recreation permit from $20 to $30.

6. Parking along SR293 (Niceville Bypass) to access Management Units is prohibited.

B. Important Reminders.

1. Eglin recreation permits are required for DoD-affiliated individuals as well as non-DoD civilians. A military I.D. and/or Common Access Card (CAC) alone does not permit recreational access on the Reservation.

2. All individuals are required to provide a photo ID and either printed or electronic copy of current Eglin recreation permit when requested by law enforcement personnel. Failure to provide such may result in Eglin recreation permit suspension.

3. All individuals (including non-hunting recreationists) must check in/out at the Jackson and Brier Creek Check Stations, when manned.  A printed copy of permit(s) is required to check in/out of these MUs.

4. Eglin recreation permits are not required for most outdoor recreation activities on Main Base (except hunting on portions of Main Base does require an Eglin permit, as well as applicable state licenses/stamps).  More information on outdoor recreation opportunities on Main Base can be found at https://www.eglinlife.com/outdoorrec/index.html.

C. Recreation Map Changes This Year.


D. Regulation Changes Coming Next Year.


Information Updated 09 Nov 2022