What’s New This Year

A.      Major Regulation Changes This Year.

1.     Recorded game calls or sounds may be used to hunt non-game species during Small Game Season (Section 16).

2.     All individuals are now subject to check-in/out requirement when entering the Jackson MU’s when the Jackson Check Station is
​        open.  Exception: Individuals entering TTA’s J-16, J-17 and J-21 are not subject to check station requirements (Section 20).

3.     Annual statewide bag limit for white-tailed deer (Section 16).

4.     Deer must be reported in accordance with FWC guidelines (Section 16).

5.     Deer may be reported to the FWC at www.MyFWC.com/HarvestReport (Section 16).

4.     A muzzleloader firing a single .30 caliber bullet/ball is now legal for harvesting deer (Section 16).

5.     Authorized pet areas on Eglin has changed (Section 15).

6.     Camping permit allows up to four tents and/or one camping trailer per site (Section 11).

7.     Firewood harvest with-in 200 feet of a banded white tree is prohibited (Section 8).

8.     Firewood may be collected in any Open Area year-round (Section 8).

9.     Oak species less than 10” in diameter at ground level may be cut and collected (Section 8).

10.   Range roads (RR) 211 (west of Hwy 85), 213, and 236 are considered open travel corridors when adjacent TTA’s are closed if
         roads are not blocked by range personnel or barriers (Section 9).

11.   Furbearer Season has been extended into the Choctaw North MU (north of Bob Sikes) (Section 19).

B.      Recreation Map Changes This Year.

1.     The small triangle closed area west of RR698 at Field 5 (TTA B-4) was added to the Sikes MU.

2.     TTA G-18 is now part of the Eglin Main MU and is an archery only hunting area.

3.     TTA J-1 (Jackson North MU) is changed to an archery only area.

C.      Regulation Changes Coming Next Year.

1.     The antler point restriction (APR) will be increased to 4 points on one side or a 14” main beam in the Brier Creek and Jackson
​          MU’s.

2.     Pen raised northern bobwhite may be released on the Eglin reservation during Small Game Season.