Information Updated 23 Sep 2021

What’s New in FY22

A.      Major Regulation Changes, Important Reminders, & New Opportunities This Year.

  1. Eglin recreation permits are required for DoD affiliated individuals as well as non-DoD civilians. A military I.D. and/or Common Access Card (CAC) alone does not permit recreational access on the Reservation.
  2. Eglin recreation permits are not required for most outdoor recreation activities on Main Base (except hunting on portions of Main Base DOES REQUIRE an Eglin permit, as well as applicable state licenses/stamps).
  3. For purposes other than hunting or deer dog training (during established season and training dates only), dogs are allowed, but must be kept under physical restraint at all times.
  4. The Sikes Unit will be open during portions of the Early Archery Season this year (see Section 18). A Sikes Deer Dog Stamp is required to hunt during this season.
  5. The Sikes Unit check station will remain closed during all 2021–22 hunting seasons.
  6. An additional 3-day special opportunity spring hog dog hunt has been established this year (see Section 19).
  7. Stopping or detouring along closed area travel routes is prohibited except for emergencies (see Section 10).
  8. All individuals (including non-hunting recreationist) must check in/out at the Jackson and Brier Creek Check Stations, when manned.
  9. Wild hog may only be taken using the methods of take allowable for game species during the season in which they are being hunted. The 5-round magazine capacity maximum for semi-automatic centerfire rifles applies when hunting wild hogs during the General Gun Season.
  10. The possession or use of prescribed medicinal marijuana is prohibited.
  11. It is illegal to harass any individual participating in a lawful and permitted recreational activity on Eglin AFB; doing so may result in recreation permit suspension.
  12. Hunters are reminded that collar, handheld unit, and/or battery failure are not acceptable excuses for illegal dog behavior and may result in recreation permit suspension.

B.      Recreation Map Changes This Year.

  1. The West Jetties Parking Area at the base of the Destin Bridge (east of the Eglin Beach Park) will remain PERMANENTLY CLOSED to all public access.

C.      Regulation Changes Coming Next Year.

  1.    TBD