Outdoor Recreation FAQ's

1. Question: Does my Recreation / Fishing permit cover camping?

Answer: No, To camp on the Eglin reservation you need an Eglin Camping Permit (available at the NRO only).

2. Question: Does any of the Recreation Permits allow me to access the Eglin beaches?

Answer: No, To access the Eglin beaches you need the free Eglin Beach Permit.

3. Question: Does the Hurlburt Trap/Skeet & Paintball Complex Permit allow me to use their facilities?

Answer: No, the  Hurlburt Trap/Skeet & Paintball Complex Permit only allows access to the complex.  You will need to purchase a membership through them to use their facility.

4. Question: Does my Camping Permit allow me to camp anywhere I would like?

Answer: No your Camping Permit gives you access to only the camping location specified on your permit.