PLEASE do not Fax Special Opportunity hunt applications.

Special Opportunity Hunts 

The Eglin reservation offers special opportunity hunts.  Our youth hunts are especially popular, and we encourage all who wish to participate to complete an application and submit it to the Natural Resources Office. 

All applications are available starting 1 September 2016 at the Natural Resources Office.  Submitting the application is free.  If selected to participate in the special opportunity event, you pay when you purchase your permit.

For additional information, contact the Eglin Natural Resources Office at 882-4165 or 4166.  

Special  Opportunity Hunt Dates
Event Cost Date Application
 Fall Hog Dog Hunt $25.00 Oct 14-16 Application
 7 SFG Archery Hunt *  $50.00

Oct 27 - 30

Nov 24-27

Jan 13-16

Feb 9-12

 Youth Hunt Weekend $10.00 Jan 14-16 n/a
 Mobility Impaired Hunt * $20.00 Feb 4-5 Application
 Youth Hunt * $40.00 Feb 11-12 Application
 Youth Spring Turkey free Mar 11-12 n/a
 Turkey Hunt * $25.00

 April 1-2

April 15-16

 Spring Hog Dog Hunt $25.00 May 5-7 Application

* Participants will be selected by means of a drawing