Registration Help

Did you purchase a permit at the Natural Resources Office after October 15, 2015?  If you did, you are already registered!
Regardless of which permit you purchased, all permits sold - online AND in the office - since October 2015 have been sold via iSportsman.  If you purchased your permit in our office, an account was created for you by our office staff.

Each person should have only ONE account registered to them.

If you are already registered, LOG IN.

A permit is required to access the Eglin reservation.  

You can purchase a permit only through the iSportsman system, and you must register for an account to view available permits.

What is iSportsman?

iSportsman is an online system that allows permits to be purchased over the internet and printed at home.  Paper-based permits that have traditionally been purchased in person and printed at the Eglin Natural Resources Office are inefficient, labor-intensive, and limited in scalability.  The information collected is only available for use months later, after compiling and typing the information into Excel spreadsheets.  Therefore, there is no real-time reporting ability for the collected data, and managers have a limited ability to alert potential users ahead of time when areas must be closed.

How do I register for an account?

To register for an iSportsman account, you must provide name, phone number, physical and email address*, and date of birth.  If you were born after 1 June 1975, you should enter your hunter safety number when registering.  If you have a state of Florida disabled hunter number enter it when you register.

To register for a new account, please click the button:

Register Now

An email address is not required for registration, but is strongly suggested.  Email allows you to retrieve your username or password in the event that you forget that information.  You may use an email address that is a friend or relative's, if you wish.

 Do I need to re-register for an account to renew my permit?

If you are already registered with Eglin iSportsman (you purchased a permit after fall 2015), you do not need to re-register.  You can log in to your account and renew your permit online.   If you cannot remember your username or password, the "forgot username" and "forgot password" tabs on the log in page will help you.

Do I need to register with Eglin iSportsman if I am already registered with iSportsman at a different base or WMA?

If you already have an account with iSportsman at a different base or WMA, you do not need to register with Eglin.  Use our Log In page to log in, and it will ask you to become a member.