Permit FAQ's

1. Question: If I am active duty, retired, or a veteran do I still need a permit to recreate on the Eglin reservation?

Answer: Yes, any individual >= 16 YOA recreating on the Eglin reservation needs a valid Eglin permit.

2. Question: Who is required to have an Eglin Permit?

Answer: Any individual >= 16 YOA is required to have a valid Eglin permit.  Individuals < 16 YOA must be accompanied by a valid Eglin permit holder while on the Eglin reservation.

3. Question: How do I get an Eglin Permit?

Answer: You must create an Eglin.iSportsman account. Go to the login /  Register tab on the main page.  Individuals who created iSportsman accounts at other bases can log in using credentials for the other base. 

4. Question: I can't access my account, can I create a new account?

Answer: No, call our front desk and let them reset your account. 

5. Question: Does my Eglin permit allow me to access Eglin's Main Base?

Answer: No, Individuals seeking access to Eglin's Main Base must possess a CAC card.

6. Question: I am trying to get a permit and can not see it on the list of available permits?

Answer: Call the Eglin NRO (Jackson Guard)  (850) 882-4165 or 4166 and let of front desk investigate.

7. Question: Can I camp at designated campsites with my recreation permit?

Answer: No, camping requires a camping permit available at the NRO during business hours.

Information Updated 06 Sep 2021