Eglin History

Eglin AFB has a rich history.  Did you know that the Eglin reservation used to be a National Forest?  Did you know that there was a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp in Niceville?  Before that, turpentining camps were dotted across the forest.  Long before turpentining, Native Americans called this area home. 

The Eglin Cultural Resources Management Office has provided some excellent sources to learn more about this amazing area.  Click on the links!

‚ÄčHistoric Overview

Ancient History

Evidence in Florida suggests that people settled here around 10,000 BC.  These early peoples were likely hunter-gatherers searching for wild plants and animals.  Since then, different cultures have risen in the Florida panhandle.  

Preceramic Cultures Display

Stone Tools Display

Woodland Period Display

Mississippian Display

European Settlers

The first Europeans in this area were Spanish explorers.  However, this area also had English explorers before the United States of America began sending settlers here.  The Florida panhandle has long been a source of timber and forest resources.

Historic Artifacts

Homestead Display

National Forest

In the early 20th century, President Theodore Roosevelt designated the Choctawhatchee National Forest, the area that we now know as the Eglin reservation.

Camp Pinchot

Turpentine Display


Fire Tower

Military History

Eglin Air Force Base began in 1935 as a small bombing and gunnery range.  It has grown through the years.


Fire towers still stand on the Eglin reservation, like this one in front of the Natural Resources Office. 

Archeological Findings on Eglin AFB

The Eglin Cultural Resources Management branch sponsors the museum exhibit that is found in the Eglin Natural Resources Office.  Displays change periodically.  Please come by and view some of the amazing historical tools, artwork, photographs, and more, that we have on display!