Upcoming Events

There are always upcoming events on the Eglin reservation.  If you are interested in learning more about a particular event, volunteering, or participating in an event, let us know! 

January 2017

The Natural Resources Office is now selling Personal Forestry Products Permits online.  Please Log In to view available permits.  Always refer to the Rules and Regilations Booklet when selecting permits.  

August 2016

Our doe has fawns!  Come by the Natural Resources Office to look at our new babies.  Please stay behind the fences for their protection and yours, and do not feed our animals.  We feed our animals at the office a healthy diet for wild animals and being fed by visitors can make them sick.  

July 2016:

Do you play Pokemon Go!?  You're welcome to come to the Natural Resources Office (during normal business hours ONLY) to catch the ones here!  Please remember to be safe (be aware of your surroundings, don't play while driving, and don't go into restricted or closed areas).  If you intend to catch any on the reservation, remember to get your permit and check the PAM.

May 2016:

The Natural Resources Office has a new American black bear mount on display inside the office.  Visitors can see the bear next to other native species such as red-cockaded woodpeckers. 

April 2016:

The US Fish and Wildlife Service was at the Choctawhatchee Estuary Festival this past weekend!  We brought aquatic invertebrates (water bugs!) to show and we talked about how important bugs can be in the aquatic food chain.  Everything eats them (especially fish!), and they are GOOD indicators of healthy streams!

The annual Fishing Rodeo was this weekend: April 23 and 24!  We had many successful fishermen and fisherwomen!  We hope to see you next year!  Keep an eye out for the flier next year and reserve your time slot!

Earth Day was April 22!  To celebrate the event, we cleaned up some parts of the reservation and pruned trails along the Timberlake mountain bike trails.  Visitors can help us by packing out any trash that you bring on to the Eglin reservation, by kindly picking up after those who were not so conscientious, and by being a good role model for youths accompanying you.  Explain to children why Earth Day is important, and that even small acts of conservation can make a big difference if we work together.  

April 6th was a Jackson Guard work day.  Personnel worked together to fix the fence behind Jackie's habitat.  We also worked to fix her burrow system so that she will be safe and happy with a new burrow entrance.  When you visit the Natural Rsources office, be sure to say hi to our gopher tortoise Jackie and our white-tailed deer!  You may notice that the dead palm trees in front were removed, and we will continue to work on maintaining the butterfly garden in front as well.

Jackie in front of her new burrow entrance.  The new fence is behind.  Hay bales were placed in her habitat to prevent her from trying to dig into her old burrow entrance or escaping under the fence.  When she is comforably using her new burrow entrance, we'll remove the hay bales.

February 2016

Our Annual Youth Hunt was the 6th and 7th, and our youth hunters had a great time!  The weather held out for us, and some good-looking deer were brought in.  Youths who wish to apply to the 2017 hunt should watch the Special Opportunity Hunts page for 2017 applications.

January 2016

Our Annual Mobility Impaired/Wounded Warrior Hunt was the 30th and 31st, and was a great success.  Hunters did very well this year and the weather was great!  If you are interested in participating in the event nest year, watch our Special Opportunity Hunts page for applications for 2017.  We thank all volunteers for doing an excellent job assisting hunters.  

December 2015:

Bat boxes that were built for National Public Lands Day (September 26, 2015) were hung to promote natural insect control and pollinator awareness.  Did you know that some species of bats are pollinators?  Pollinator bats help crops such as bananas, mangos, and guavas.  Most Florida bats prefer moths, beetles, and flies, helping farmers save millions of dollars in free pest control services.

November 2015:

Volunteers planted native trees and shrubs at an erosion-control site to help stabilize soil and promote native plants on the Eglin reservation.

We've been planting native plants for a pollinator garden in front of the Natural Resources Office.  Come by to see our garden and become more pollinator-aware!

September 2015:

Daily Dove Permits are available for purchase in the Natural Resources Office.  

Applications for special opportunity hunts are available on our Special Opportunity Hunts page, under the Hunting tab.

Permits are now available for purchase on this website.  Register or Log In to purchase and view your permits!

Our new Outdoor Recreation, Hunting and Freshwater Fishing Regulations booklet is now available at the Natural Resources Office.  You can also download a digital copy from our Rules and Regulations page on this website, or where you see the italicized and bolded phrase "Outdoor Recreation, Hunting and Freshwater Fishing Regulations" on various other pages on this website.  

Summer 2015:

We've been busy getting ready for hunting season!

In August, we planted food plots for turkey and quail:

In June, we planted food plots for dove: